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Biotechnology Research Institute

The Biotechnology Research Institute (BRI) is a centre of excellence in the application of biotechnology techniques and processes to enhance performance in agriculture, medicine and bioprocess industries. The institute draws its strength from an intimate knowledge of genetics, microbiology, cell biology, molecular biology, biochemistry, animal cell culture, embryology and chemical/process engineering.


Building Technology Institute

The Building Technology Institute (BTI) is the focal point for Research and Development activities in Building Science and Technology, as well as Technology Transfer and Consultancy Services in the areas of design, building materials, housing, planning, construction engineering and related activities. BTI encompasses the whole technology spectrum of the built environment.


Electronics & Communications Institute

The Electronics and Communications Institute (ECI) was established to carry out research and development in the two rapidly advancing fields of electronics and communications and to provide consultancy and industrial support services to the local manufacturing and technology industries. It is involved in the design and development of world-class original products as part of import substitution.


Energy Technology Institute

The Energy Technology Institute (ETI) provides technological solutions and services in the energy field to public and private institutions in Zimbabwe. ETI strives to continually establish and maintain close and permanent partnership with industry and all stakeholders in areas of mutual benefit related to collaborative research, development of new products, provision of expert technical services and training in the energy field.


Environmental Science Institute

The Environmental Sciences Institute (ESI) is a national institute set up to provide technological services to national and regional stakeholders in order to enhance environmental performance of industrial products and services at local and international markets.


Food & Biomedical Technology Institute

The Food and Biomedical Technology Institute (FBTI) carries out research and development (R & D) in the areas of Food Technology, Industrial Biotechnology and Applied Chemistry.


Geo-Info & Remote Sensing Institute

The goal of the Geo-Information and Remote Sensing Institute (GRSI) is to contribute to the achievement of sustainable environmental resource utilization in Zimbabwe and the region.
The objective of GRSI is to provide spatial data analysis solutions that would result in the management of the environment and natural resources in a more sustainable manner than would be possible without considering the spatial aspect.


Informatics Institute

The Informatics Institute, one of the twelve research institutes, utilizes systematic processes to provide consultancy services and training aimed at generating advanced and powerful knowledge in the areas of information, software engineering, multimedia systems, web site design and computer repair and maintenance. In addition, the institute offers a variety of services and training in the above-mentioned areas.


Metallurgical Research Institute

The Metallurgical Research Institute (MRI) undertakes research and development in mining, metallurgical, materials, foundry and other forming technologies, and to develop and commercialize a portfolio of bankable projects in the specialized area of metallurgy.


National Metrology Institute

In line with its mandate and being the Custodian of National Measurement Standards, the National Metrology Institute (NMI), through high quality and traceable metrology services, supports competitiveness of Zimbabwean industrial products and services, fairness in trade, consumer protection, health and safety of human and animal life and protection of the environment. The institute provides traceable measurements and calibration services to private as well as public sectors of the economy. These services enable industries to compete on the global markets as well as meet statutory and contractual obligations.


Production Engineering Institute

The Production Engineering Institute (PEI) provides research and development expertise in the Mechanical, Industrial and Manufacturing, Electrical and Chemical Engineering fields.

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