These are the training courses we currently offer

Mushroom production Training

Herbals teas production and processing training

Industrial Buildings Maintenance

Rammed Earth Technology & Housing

Concrete Technology

Farm greenhouses-design, construction & maintenance

Industrial Application of Micro controllers

Plc & Vsd

Instrumentations in the food /beverages industry

Energy Management

Solar Installation

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

Environmental Management System (EMA)

Waste management

Cleaner production technologies

GIS Fundamentals

Introductory Remote sensing techniques

Advanced Remote sensing techniques

Advanced GIS

HPLCs in food industry

Credit analysis and risk management

Total production maintenance (TPM)

Total Quality Maintenance

Production Management

Executive Multi Business Skills Development

Process costing and critical management issues

Essentials of Business communication

Commercialisation of technology and R & D

Principles of entrepreneurship

Business ethics and corporate governance

Market research and market information systems

Ms office (publisher, project, excel, word, access, PowerPoint)

Keyboarding skills

Introduction to computers

Oracle PI/SQL

Introduction to databases

Asynchronous Java Scripting for websites (JAVA)

Introduction to web design

Using SQL on SQL Server

Essentials of foundry technologies (Cupola, Inducto-thermal)

Critical Foundry Management issues

Sigma SIX black belt

Sigma SIX green belt

Auto CAD

Project Management

Farmer training in animal production skills

Farmer training in Agribusiness

Farmer training in Horticulture

Poultry Production

Farm management

Piggery Production

Farmer Training in crop Production skills