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Informatics Institute

The Informatics Institute, one of the twelve research institutes, utilizes systematic processes to provide consultancy services and training aimed at generating advanced and powerful knowledge in the areas of information, software engineering, multimedia systems, web site design and computer repair and maintenance. In addition, the institute offers a variety of services and training in the above-mentioned areas.

The institute is capable of developing high quality software products and prototypes for both the private and public sectors. The areas of focus include manufacturing systems, database design, artificial intelligence systems, multimedia applications, e-commerce applications, Internet programming and entertainment.

The institute offers the following specialized industrial consultancy services:

Design and development of highly scalable bespoke software systems:

The institute is capable of initiating systems right from understanding the client processes both manual and fragmented information systems up to delivery of a computerized and customized information system that meets the requirements.

Computerized systems developed so far include:

  • Payroll management system,
  • Accounting system,
  • Pension management system,
  • Customer Relationship management system,
  • Asset management system,
  • Human resource management system,
  • Plant and equipment maintenance management system,
  • Fleet management system,
  • Enterprise Resource Planning system,
  • Funeral management system,
  • Land information management system
  • Development of Web Sites, including dynamic driven databases.
  • Network Design and Support
  • Technical Support for Computer Hardware and Software.

Computer Hardware and Software Repair & Maintenance.

The institute offers the following IT hardware and software support services:


  • on and off-site computer, laptop, printer and allied hardware repairs; and
  • computer maintenance and service contracts.


  • software installations (Linux, Windows, Office and any other); and
  • software upgrades.


  • network design, installation, configurations, upgrades;
  • network audit and optimization; and
  • network trouble-shooting.

Data Management:

  1. data recovery and backup.


  1. (b) virus removal; and
  2. (c) anti-virus installation and configuration.

The institute offers the following specialized courses specifically designed to suit the client requirements:

  • Software Engineering design and development
  • Computer Programming,
  • Relational Database Concepts,
  • Introduction to Databases,
  • MS Access,
  • SQL Programming,
  • Database Administration Courses
  • Web Design
  • Computer Literacy courses
  • Introduction to Computers
  • MS Office suite (MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Access)
  • Operating Systems: Windows 2000, NT, XP
  • Computer Networking
  • Internet/Email
  • Network Design and Administration

Other courses: Unix, Linux

The institute has customers in both the public and private sectors. The following are excerpts of some of the projects that the institute has successfully implemented for a wide range of its clients:

Insurance Broking System (IBS)

In 2013, the institute designed and implemented an Insurance Broking System for the employee benefits and short term businesses for a large Insurance company in Zimbabwe. The broking system will be customized for other smaller insurance companies in Zimbabwe who wish to computerize, and therefore simplify, their operations.

Production and Sales Control System

In 2012, the institute designed and implemented Production and Sales Control System, which computerized the manufacturing and sales operations of a large furniture manufacturing company in Zimbabwe. The computerized system keeps track and reports on all operations of the company.

Integrated Pay and Information System

In 1996, the institute was contracted to design and implement an Integrated Pay and Information System for the salary administration of a large government department. Although the institute has continued to maintain the system, it has outlived its lifespan. Negotiations are in progress to re-design the system to match with current standards on the international scene.

Employee Benefits Management System

In 2003, the institute was contracted by a large Insurance company in Zimbabwe to computerize the Employee Benefits business. Due to the growth in the portfolio of the Employee Benefits unit, there was a greater need for full computerization of the unit to enable it to continue offering quality service delivery to its ever-increasing customer base. This is vital as the company surges towards the total automation of the employee benefits division as a competitive advantage.

Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS)

In January 2010, the institute computerized the plant maintenance operations of a large manufacturing company in Zimbabwe. The software system keeps track of all maintenance activities being carried out on all plant equipment and machinery.

National Database of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises and Cooperatives

In 2011, the institute computerized the national database of all micro, small and medium enterprises and co-operatives in Zimbabwe. This was meant to create a single, central and secure data bank, which will enable the Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprises and Cooperative Development to make accurate and timely decisions.

National Parks and Wildlife Authority HR Management System

In 2009, the institute was tasked to re-develop the Human Resource Management System for the Parks and Wildlife Authority to match with trends on the international market. The Authority needed to assess the personnel base critically and had no information system to achieve this. To date the institute continues to offer backup and maintenance services to the Authority and assist it is preparing various strategic reports, such as the CITES report.

Land Information Management System (LIMS)

In 2006, the government contracted SIRDC to assist in the development of a Lands Information Management System (LIMS). This is a comprehensive Lands Databank in Zimbabwe with all lands-related data across all settlement schemes in Zimbabwe. SIRDC provided all the technical requirements during farm audits. The institute assisted government in carrying out the A2 Land Audit. The main objective of the A2 Land Audit exercise was to create a single, central and secure land information databank that will enable policy makers to make accurate and timely decisions on all matters related to land administration in Zimbabwe.

Public Service Needs Analysis

The Public Service Commission (PSC) requested SIRDC to assist in the development of options that would see the general public easily access information. SIRDC assisted the PSC to deploy its Website at the beginning of August 2004.

Zimbabwe E-governance Project

The institute participated as a technical partner in the e-governance readiness study in Zimbabwe. The institute continues to offer consultancy services in the implementation of the various e-governance initiatives.

Asset Management System

The institute developed and deployed a computerized asset management system to assist in the management of a company assets. The system keeps track of all aspects related to the assets of the company: purchasing, type, location, movement, loss, damage, depreciation and current value. The system makes asset management very easy and simple while ensuring that the true value of all assets is recorded.

Website Design

The institute has designed or re-designed and launched a number of client specified websites. Almost all the websites launched so far, have a database component that allows the remote users of the website to view information stored on a database through the website. Some of the websites that the team members have worked on and launched so far include:


Computer Repair and Maintenance Back-up Support

The institute offers full computer and allied hardware repair and maintenance back-up support to various clients both in the public and private sectors of Zimbabwe. The institute boasts of a highly qualified and skilled workforce that is capable of offering quality service in the repair and maintenance of computers and allied hardware. The institute offers scheduled maintenance and on-call maintenance services which is tailor-made to the needs of its customer base.

The institute has in the past offered repair and maintenance support to the Office of the President and Cabinet (OPC), Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Rural Housing and Social Amenities and the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC).

The institute maintains the SIRDC network and takes care of all the computer and allied hardware repair and maintenance needs of all institutes and departments of SIRDC.

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