Training Courses

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  SIRDC Training Courses
Institute/Unit Course
BRI Mushroom Training
Herbs Training
Rammed earth technology
ECI Microcontroller programming
PCB Design and Fabrication
Basic Electronics Circuit Design
Basic PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) configuration and programming
VSD(Variable Speed Drive)  configuration and installation
Energy Management
Solar home systems
Solar drying in agriculture
Alternative fuels (biogas, acetylene, fuel cell technology, biodiesel)
Mini-hydro electric power generation
Photovoltaic water pumping systems
ESI Occupational Health & Safety
Environmental Management System (EMS)
Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
Waste Management
Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production
FBTI HACCP in food industry
HPLCs in food industry
Processing for preservation and value addition
Hygiene for the food service industry
II MS Office (Publisher, Project, Excel, Word, Access, PP)
Keyboarding Skills
Introduction to Computers
Introduction to Oracle
Oracle PI/SQL
Introduction to Databases
Using SQL on SQL Server
Asynchronous Java Scripting for websites (JAVA)
Introduction to Web designing
Web Designing
BOU Credit analysis & Risk Management
Executive Multi-Business Skills Development
MRI Mineral processing and Extractive Metallurgy (Generic Course)
Mineral processing and Extractive Metallurgy of Precious Metals and PGMs
Small scale mining as a business venture
PEI Total Production Maintenance
Sigma SIX
Statistical Process Control
Total Quality Maintenance
Production Management
Machine Lubrications
Project Management
NMI Generic  Metrology (temp, mass, volume, electrical, etc)
Instrument  Calibration (customised)
IS0/IEC 17025
FOD Farmer Training-Crop Production
Farmer Training-Animal Production
Farmer Training-Agribusiness
Farmer Training-Horticulture
Poultry production
Piggery production
Farm management
WPPD Water supply - designs, improvements, repairs
Borehole installations, maintenance
Irrigation designs and commissioning
PSI Plastic waste Management
Characterization of Organic samples using FTIR
Application of Nanotechnology
GRSI  Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and GPS Survey
Designing and maintaining Spatial Databases and Webmaps
Statistics for GIS and Remote Sensing Experts

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