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Biotechnological Research Institute

Product Price ($)
Oyster Mushroom Spawn 3.50
Fresh Oyster Mushroom 1.00
Fresh Button Mushroom 2.50
Herbal Teas 1.00
Health 24 Boxed 1.50
Health 24 Plastic 1.00
Sweet Potato Plantlets 0.75 per vine
SIRDAMAIZE 113 : 25kg 69.00
SIRDAMAIZE 113 : 10kg 28.00
SIRDAMAIZE 113 : 2kg 7.00


Production Engineering Institute

Product Price ($)
Chicken Plucker 1 600
Grinding Mill (Electrical) 2 740
Grinding Mill (Diesel) 3 240
Grinding Mill (Dual) 5 214
Dehuller 2 900


Food and Biomedical Technology Institute

Water analysis Parameters Price in USD
Drinking water: Full pH, EC, Ca, Mg, K, Na, Cl-, NO3-Mn, Fe ,Pb, Zn & Cu,   SO42-, PO43-, T.N, TDS & T.H 40.00
Partial analysis  pH, EC, Ca, Mg, K, Na, P, TSS, HCO3- , NO3- 5.00 per test
Irrigation water : Full pH, EC, P, K, Ca, Mg, Na, TSS, SO42-, Cl-, HCO3-,  Zn, Mn, Fe & CO32  40.00
Effluent COD, PV, BOD, DO, SS, TDS, Oil & grease, P & Heavy metals 80.00
Microbial analysis TVC, Total coliforms,  fecal coliforms, E. coli 40.00
Soil analysis    
Full pedological  analysis CEC, pH, exchangeable bases 20.00
Particle size distribution (texture) Clay, sand fractions, silt 5.00
CEC and exchangeable bases pH, CEC, Ca, Mg, K and Na 15.00
Saturation paste analysis pH (water), Ca, Mg, K, Na, EC 25.00
Soil organic carbon & organic matter (SOM) C, SOM 5.00
Free sesquioxides % free iron 20.00
Partial soil fertility test pH,  P, N (initial & incubated), exchangeable bases 15.00
Full soil fertility test  pH, EC, K, Ca, Mg, Na, P, & Initial Mineral N, incubated mineral N, texture, color 20.00
Additional tests Bo, Cu,   Mn, Fe,  Zn, Total N, Total P 5.00 per test
Foliar analysis N, P, K, Ca, Mg, Zn, Fe, Cu, Mn & boron ,  C , %moisture 25.00
Geochemical analysis    
Base metals Total elemental (ICP-AES) 150.00
Heavy metals Heavy metals (ICP-AES) 20.00  per element
Platinum group metals PGM (ICP-AES) 20.00 per element
  All elements (AAS) 5.00 per element

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