Food and Nutrition Council (FNC)

The aims and objectives of the Food and Nutrition Council are:

  • To promote a cohesive national response to household food insecurity and malnutrition.
  • To coordinate and harmonize inter-sectoral implementation of food and nutrition relevant policies and programmes by stakeholders

Every Zimbabwean free from hunger and malnutrition

Mission Statement
The food and Nutrition Council is committed to promoting awareness, provide information, monitor and evaluate food and nutrition situation in Zimbabwe in a professional and ethical manner, setting locally acceptable and internationally recognized standards for nutritional products, diligently testing and certifying for compliance.

The FNC’s mandate is to promote a cohesive national response to the prevailing household food insecurity and malnutrition through coordinated multi-sectoral action.

Core Business

Core Business

  • Monitoring the Food and Nutrition Situation (Surveillance)To provide food and nutrition information that is credible, scientific and current, to better inform decision and policy makers.
  • Policy Analyses to Assess Impact of different policies on Food Security and NutritionTo place food and nutrition issues on the development agenda by analyzing the impact of priority national policies and strategies on food security and nutrition outcomes and make recommendations to relevant organizations.
  • Advocacy and Information, Education and CommunicationTo create and maintain national interest and awareness in the food and nutrition situation and how it can be addressed through appropriate and coordinated inter-sectoral action.
  • Programme DevelopmentTo develop and promote food and nutrition programming systems and processes, that facilitate and coordinate inter-sectoral action in programme implementation at all levels as well as maximizing utilization of the available resources.
  • Development of Nutrition standards and Monitoring ComplianceTo promote nutrition standards through optimal dietary intake and healthy lifestyles thereby protecting the Zimbabwean Consumer
  • Conduct Applied research in Food and Nutrition Issues
  • To conduct applied research for improved food and nutrition programming and service delivery
  • To conduct applied research on traditional drought coping strategies
  • To carry out applied research on improving existing emergency humanitarian responses


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