Informatics Institute (II)

About II
The Informatics Institute (II) utilizes systematic procedures to provide highly scalable bespoke software engineering systems for the processing, management, and retrieval of digital information. This is aimed at simplifying the decision-making process. The areas of focus include manufacturing systems, database systems, artificial intelligence systems, multimedia, e-commerce and Internet programming.

Goals and Objectives
II aims to design software engineering systems that deliver the right information, to the right user in the right place and time, in the right way for decision-making. The main objective is to spearhead the adoption and promotion of computer-based information systems as a tool for economic development.

II Divisions
II has three divisions namely: Software Engineering, Communications and Networking and Technical Support Services.


Current Research Projects
II is currently working on a portfolio of research projects in the public and private sectors.

  • Customer Relationship Management System:  Used by any company to keep an up-to-date account of its customers in order to ensure a quality customer service.  It keeps track of timescales, prices and quality of the products.
  • Enterprise Resource Planning System:  Used by any company to manage all the manufacturing transactions: estimating, sales order processing, stock control, purchasing, shop floor data collection, production scheduling, costing, invoicing and reporting.
  • Computerized Asset Management System:  The computerization of the asset management function of any company.  This ensures an up-to-date asset register and the recording of all asset transactions.
  • Transport Fleet Management System:  The computerization of any company’s transport fleet and all related transactions.
  • Accounting System:  The computerization of the accounting function of any company.

For Further Information Contact:
The Director, Informatics Institute
Tel: + 263-4-860347 (direct line)
Fax: +263-4-860350/1

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