Energy Technology Institute (ETI)

About ETI

The Energy Technology Institute (ETI) provides technological solutions and services in the energy field to public and private institutions in Zimbabwe. ETI strives to continually establish and maintain close and permanent partnership with industry and all stakeholders in areas of mutual benefit related to collaborative research, development of new products, provision of expert technical services and training in the energy field. ETI collaborates with power supply utilities, providers of industrial and domestic consumer services, government, non-governmental organizations and energy research and development organizations in and outside Zimbabwe.


Mandate of the Institute

  • Spearheading technology development within the energy sector
  • Adapting, upgrading and transferring of energy technologies for the benefit of industry in Zimbabwe
  • Promoting efficient use of energy resources
  • Maximizing energy availability, accessibility and affordability
  • Spearheading the introduction of environmentally friendly energy resources to the local market
  • Providing information on energy technology to various stakeholders
  • Building technical capacity and developing a human resource base with technical expertise in the energy sector
  • Establishing state of the art energy management systems
  • Ascertaining the energy needs of Zimbabwe and providing technical solutions

For Further Information Contact:
The Director, ETI
Tel: + 263-4-860321/9

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