Electronics and Communications Institute (ECI)

About ECI

The Electronics and Communications Institute (ECI) was established to carry out research and development in the two rapidly advancing fields of electronics and communications and to provide consultancy and industrial support services to the local manufacturing and technology industries. It is involved in the design and development of world-class original products as part of import substitution.

Electronics can be applied effectively in the following economic activities:

  • Agriculture
  • Mining
  • Manufacturing
  • Services (e.g. telecommunications)

ECI Goals
ECI aims to be the leader in the design and development of products and solutions for the electronics and communications industry in Zimbabwe and the region.


Institute Divisions
ECI has three divisions as outlined below:

Electronics Design Division (EDD): EDD designs original electronic equipment for industrial instrumentation and control systems, process monitoring and automation. The areas of focus include security and surveillance systems, science education equipment, consumer electronic products, solar energy, irrigation control, water pumping, greenhouse control and microclimate monitoring.

Communications Design Division (CDD): CDD promotes R & D in communications and collaborates with local and regional bodies to spearhead technology development in communications and networking. The areas of focus include radio communication, internet communication technologies, telecommunications technologies, laser and infrared and power-line communications.


Repair and Maintenance Division (RMD): RMD provides electrical and electronic repair and maintenance services to SIRDC, the public and private sector organizations and industries. In the case of equipment declared obsolete by original equipment manufacturers, the Electronics Design team performs reverse engineering through designing new control systems using microcontrollers.


For Further Information Contact:
The Director, ECI
Tel: + 263-4-860334 (direct line)
Email: eci@sirdc.ac.zw

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