Building Technology Institute (BTI)

Brief Overview

The Building Technology Institute (BTI) is the focal point for Research and Development activities in Building Science and Technology, as well as Technology Transfer and Consultancy Services in the areas of design, building materials, housing, planning, construction engineering and related activities. BTI encompasses the whole technology spectrum of the built environment.

BTI Goals

The Institute’s primary goal focuses on the development and strengthening of capacity and capability through research and development (R & D) in the following core areas:

  • Physical infrastructure creation, maintenance and refurbishment.
  • Provision of cost-effective technology-based solutions for the building industry.
  • Devising innovative shelter delivery strategies and mechanisms.
  • Provision of technical information and advisory services on the built environment
  • Training in the construction field.

Institute Divisions

Institute Divisions
The Institute comprises of five divisions:

  • Structural and Geotechnical Engineering Division
  • Building and Construction Materials Division
  • Housing and Infrastructure Development Division
  • Civil Engineering Design Systems Division
  • Road and Traffic Engineering Division

Research and Development

Activities include:

  • Technology adoption, adaptation and transfer
  • Building and construction material analysis and testing
  • Building and construction product development and improvement
  • Building systems pathology development
  • Labour-intensive technologies
  • Product and process improvement of the adapted technologies
  • Traffic and transportation systems development

For Further Information Contact:
The Director, BTI

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