Energy Technology Institute



Energy Technology Institute

The Energy Technology Institute (ETI) provides technological solutions and services in the energy field to public and private institutions in Zimbabwe. ETI strives to continually establish and maintain close and permanent partnership with industry and all stakeholders in areas of mutual benefit related to collaborative research, development of new products, provision of expert technical services and training in the energy field.

ETI collaborates with power supply utilities, providers of industrial and domestic consumer services, government, non-governmental organizations and energy research and development organizations in and outside Zimbabwe.

Mandate of the Institute

  • Spearheading technology development within the energy sector
  • Adapting, upgrading and transferring of energy technologies for the benefit of industry in Zimbabwe
  • Promoting efficient use of energy resources
  • Maximizing energy availability, accessibility and affordability
  • Spearheading the introduction of environmentally friendly energy resources to the local market
  • Providing information on energy technology to various stakeholders
  • Building technical capacity and developing a human resource base with technical expertise in the energy sector
  • Establishing state of the art energy management systems
  • Ascertaining the energy needs of Zimbabwe and providing technical solutions

ETI offers support services on Energy Management and Energy Efficiency. These services include:

  • Energy Audits in Industrial, Mining, Agriculture, Transport and Residential Systems
  • Planning, Development and Implementation of Energy Management and Energy Efficiency Programmes and Projects.
  • Development and Implementation of Energy Management Systems (ISO 50001) and Installation of Power Factor Correction Systems.
  • Power Quality Audits (Supply Harmonics Measurements and Reduction).
  • Energy System Assessment; Lighting; Pumps and Fans; Refrigeration and Air Conditioning; Compressed Air; Insulation; Heating/Drying and Steam System
  • Designing and Implementation of Maximum Demand (MD) Reduction (Load Factor Improvement) Programmes.
  • Bill Analysis and Verification
  • Carbon footprint calculation
  • Online Load Characterization
  • Designing, Installation, Preventive and Corrective Maintenance of Electrical Systems.

ETI offers services and support on a wide range of Renewable Energy technologies and their
application. These include:

  • Off grid solar Photovoltaic (PV) Systems, Design, Installation, Testing and Commissioning
  • Commercial Solar PV Systems Development and Project Management
  • Design and Installation of Solar Thermal Systems (solar water heaters, solar dryers and
    solar cookers,)
  • Solar Mini grids Design and Installation.
  • Design and Installation of Water Pumping Systems
  • Performance Assessment of Solar Systems
  • Preventive and Corrective Maintenance of Solar Systems
  • Solar Resource Assessment and Installation Solar Measurement Stations
  • Design and Construction of portable solar systems (Solar Charging Stations, charge
    control units, system monitoring units, home lighting systems etc.)
  • Design, Construction and Supply of solar dryers for agricultural produce
  • Design and Installation of solar streetlights

The Institute offers support, which includes testing of solid, liquid and gaseous fuels. The
Services include

  • Boiler efficiency tests and optimization
  • Formulation of Fuel briquettes from biomass sources
  • Testing the combustion characteristics of charcoal and saw dust briquettes
  • Testing of performance of variety of biomass stoves and measurement of indoor
  • Coal proximate and ultimate analysis
  • Ash and flue gas analysis
  • Combustion efficiency studies on solid fuels (biomass, coals), liquid fuels (petroleum e.g.
    petrol blends) and gaseous fuels (LPG, biogas, etc.).
  • Design and Installation of Off grid solar Photovoltaic Systems
  • Commercial Solar PV Systems Design and Development
  • Design and Installation Solar Water pumping systems
  • Energy Management Systems
  • ISO500001: Energy Management Systems Development and Implementation
  • industrial boiler operation and control
  • Design and Installation of Solar Water Heater Systems.
  • Solar drying technology
    In addition to these, ETI also offers customized training in the energy field

Energy Management
 Energy Audits: DELTA Graniteside, How Mine, Hwange Colliery Company, DELTA
Belmont, Mimosa Mining Company, Goldstar, Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe
(CAAZ), ZIMASCO, Turnall Fibre, DELTA Lagers, Crystal Candy etc.
 Energy Audits in 25 SMEs for the energy efficiency policy draft
 Carbon Footprint Determination: Tobacco Processing Zimbabwe, Olivine Industries,
 National Energy Efficiency Audit Project (NEEA)
 Steam system Assessment for Olivine Industries.

Renewable Energy
 Afrika Oracle Solar Power Generation Project: The project involves the design and
development of a 25MW Solar PV power plant. SIRDC successfully conducted the
Feasibility Studies (Technical and Financial), Environmental Impact Assessment, license
application and technical designs of the power plant.
 Distributed Renewable Energy Skills Survey: ETI conducted the survey for the
African Development Bank (AfDB), a project which aimed to identify skills gap in
distributed renewable energy space for the purpose of recognizing intervention areas for
the bank.
 Solar System Design and Installation: The scope of the project was to design and
install off- grid solar photovoltaic systems for CAMFED at their district offices in Mbire,
Murambinda, Nembudziya, Gokwe South and Matopo.
 Solar System Performance Assessment: Performance evaluation was conducted on a
20kW solar PV system installed at the Competition and Tariff Commission.
 Solar powered drip irrigation: Chivi solar powered irrigation project
 Investment Modelling: Design and development of an Investment Model for the uptake
of Solar Thermal Technologies in industry SNV
 Mid-Term Evaluation for Rural Sustainable Energy Oxfam
 Chimanimani Sustainable Renewable Energy Village: The Energy Technology
Institute successfully completed the provision of the Rusitu Valley Community in
Zimbabwe with an integrated and total energy solution to meet their needs from energy.
This included the installation of a solar central charging station for lighting the homes
and a clinic, provision of solar driers for drying excess fruits and vegetables for
preservation and selling during the off-season.

 LPG Fuel Efficiency: Fuel Economy and Efficiency Studies were conducted for the
Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority (ZERA) on LPG samples of different vapour
pressure and from different suppliers.
 Blended Petrol: Fuel Economy studies for various blends of petrol were conducted for
 Wood fuels and biomass cook stoves: Performance/ Efficiency studies were recently
conducted for Green leaf.

 Emission Measurements: Emission studies were recently conducted Safeguard
 Tubular Biogas Digester Project: ETI developed, built and trained the rural
communities at Kezi Community Centre on construction of tubular biogas digesters. The
project was funded by Africa 2000, a NGO, chose the Energy Technology Institute to
The institute completed the installation of a total of four digesters.

 ZERA Solar Water Heater Design and Installation: The training was conducted in
2022 for ZERA. It involved training of technicians and engineers on the theory, design
and installation of solar water heaters in Harare, Bulawayo, Masvingo, Mutare and

 World Vision- Solar PV Systems and Solar Water Pumping: The training was
conducted for World Vision engineers and technicians. This was a customized training
as World Vision requested that more emphasis be placed on water pumping since much
of their work involved design and installation of water pumping systems.
 Institute of Agriculture Engineering Solar PV and Thermal Systems: The training
was offered in 2022 to the Post Harvest Department of the Institute of Agriculture
Engineering under the Ministry of Lands, Agriculture, Fisheries, Water and Rural
 Econet- Solar Photovoltaic Systems Design and Installation: The training was
conducted for Econet Engineers from 2022-23.
 ZERA- Solar Photovoltaic Systems Design and Installation: The training was
conducted from 2018 for ZERA and it involved training of technicians and engineers on
the theory, design and installation of solar photovoltaic systems in Harare, Bulawayo,
Masvingo, Mutare and Gweru.
 Energy Management Training: Energy management training has been offered to
individuals and companies, which include; Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe, Hwange
Colliery Company, DELTA Belmont.

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